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Another Splendid Day Out...

The glorious folk of Morecambe welcomed Aldous Pinch back with open arms on Saturday the 2nd of June last weekend for the Masquerade Ball at "ASplendid Day Out", the now legendary steampunk festival. No one knows what kind of mass psychosis drives these folk to that level of self punishment but Aldous is always happy to head anywhere where drink, food and fine women are on offer... not so fine women are also relished. This year the theme was "80 Days Around The World" after the classic Jules Verne novel. Whilst what occurs onstage at an Aldous gig can be described as many things, entertainment is probably not one of them. However the audience on this occasion were more than entertaining. Everyone had made much more of an effort with their appearance than the old soak on stage had (as you can see in one of the accompanying pictures by brilliant photographer Gemma "Lethal" Leigh) and the atmosphere was raucous. Despite Aldous's protestations his management has decided that for the sale of his homemade tatty merchandise (including CDs, Books and Badges) all proceeds should go to Mind, the mental health charity, possibly in an attempt to assuage their guilt in inflicting Aldous on a mostly innocent audience. Between sales on the night and post gig sales (via donations at just giving, link below) he's raised almost £200 so far. Packages will be available at all gigs going forward and by request via Aldous's facebook page or the contact form on this website. You can make a donation to Aldous's Mind campaign HERE

All the accompanying photos are by Gemma "Lethal" Leigh from Streetstar Photography

A glorious carnival held by the sea

Faintly ridiculous, eccentric and twee

They traveled to Morecambe for music and jokes

A crazy menag'rie of wonderful folk

Where future, invention, and history met

Mingled with laughter, dancing and sweat

They partied together and all with one shout

"We've come here for fun and a Splendid Day Out"

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