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Here's some things you might want to look at....

Aldous on Spotify

The Pistachio Palace. The studio of Aldous's long suffering producer Andy Nichol

The Deadbeatdukes. The musical, cinematic partnership between Andy Nichol and Drew Mills

Auden Guitars Aldous get's his acoustic guitars from a local company. They're very good.

Gordon Smith Guitars He also gets hi electronical guitars from a great local company

Geeman Cigar Box Guitars Another great local specialist guitar builder

D'addario Strings The thin metal twangy wire on Aldous's guitars comes form these guys

Mojave Audio These guys make Aldous's favourite microphones

Placid Audio These fellows make a lovely effect microphone called a Copperphone

BAE Audio make a nice box for plugging mics into called a BAE 1073

Wes Audio Aldous is very shouty when he sings. The Wes Beta76 Compressor helps alot

Streetstar Photography Creative phototgraphy incl. work by the oustanding Gemma "Lethal" Leigh

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