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Chichele College....

Aldous sort of supports local tourism.... Friday night saw Aldous performing at Chichele College in Higham Ferrers alongside a line up of proper musicians. These guys were all great... and then there was Aldous stumbling through an almost planned performance. The most gob smacking piece of feedback came from a lovely fella from Mississippi who genuinely said “I am from the land of cotton and that’s the best American Trilogy I’ve ever heard.” There really is no accounting for taste. The set list was: Dance of Death The Star Of Cairo The Hoedown Of Rosie Monroe American Trilogy (disrespectfully ruined) Ghostbusters (destroyed) Smackhead Jack The Dead Man’s Band The event was brilliantly organised by Kirsty Crawford and David Low. You can find out more about Kirsty’s live music events here. Chichele College is managed by Higham Ferrers Tourism on behalf of English Heritage. A beautiful venue in a gorgeous town... only compromised by their indiscriminate door policy.

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