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A Splendid Day Out In Morecambe

Aldous had the "distinct pleasure" (not a phrase he uses often) of performing in Morecambe at the warm up party for the Steampunk festival "A Splendid Day Out". The event was held at The Carleton, a wonderful venue where The Entertainer, starring Laurence Olivier, was filmed. Aldous took a little time to creep around in the off limits part of the building with the current owner to see the old theatre fly tower and dressing rooms which are currently being remodeled after years of being closed off. The audience at the festival were a joy and no one disappointed with their beautiful steampunk fashions. Everyone looked splendid... if faintly ridiculous. Thanks to Rose, Ian and Rob for having Aldous along. They run a great festival which is exceptionally welcoming and gorgeously eccentric. If you're in anyway interested in anything vaguely Steampunk you simply must take a look at their website and get along to their next event. If you're not remotely interested in Steampunk you should get interested right now.

Aldous is already looking forward to making his way back to Morecambe in the not too distant future and meeting up with all those wonderful characters again.

More photos to follow I am sure.

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