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Two Dates For You Diary.

Aldous ... double the chaos.Aldous will be playing two gigs this month. Friday the 19th of August he will be making what I expect will be a totally triumphantless return to Chichele College doing much the same old rubbish as the last time he was there due to a barbershop quartet dropping out at the last minute. Still more than he deserves. He’ll also be disappointing the good folk of Ctrl Alt Fest Delete on the 26th of August. The Venue is the Three Cocks Pub in Kettering. It’s a great pub, it’ll be a great night of music and fun... only let down by the presence of his lordship. The saving grace will be expert accompaniment on this gig from Curtis the pretty boy on guitar and Ricardo the acceptable foreigner on drums.The festival is in it’s third year and well worth visiting. It’s free too.

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